About FCP:

FCP is a family of private oil and gas exploration and production companies focused on enhancing value of mature oil and gas assets in the Central Basin Platform of the Permian Basin. FCP deploys a team of energy industry experts to optimize production, stabilize shallow declines and maximize economic efficiencies.

FCP was formed in 2016 and is backed by private equity investment partners who share FCP’s vision for creating value.

FCP II Holdings, LLC

The corporate parent of the FCP family of companies.

Four Corners Petroleum II, LLC

Operator of FCP Assets.

Green Mountain Exploration, LLC

Owns additional real property and other mineral assets which it manages to facilitate the goals of the organization.

Permian Production Partners, LLC

FCP is partial owner of, and contract operator for Permian Production Partners, who owns shallow production in the COand water flood optimized North Ward Estes Field located in Ward and Winker Counties, Texas.

FCP is continuing to expand its acreage position and seeks undeveloped and producing properties that offer compelling opportunities for growth.